How can we establish a development plan for a complex railway product?


In 2011, our future client, a rail transport manufacturer, possessed strong technical skills thanks to its experts. However, this strength was not capitalised and a common development language and definition was lacking. At the start of our assignment, we noted that the number of programmes to be completed was increasing, requiring increased skills on the part of each team member on programme execution and leverages for growth. 

Op² Catalyst for change

We started our assignment by providing a structure for the company’s skills through a development plan, with a “Programme” vision of activities, partitioned by entity. As never before, Top Management was involved in adopting and propagating this high value-added approach.

Result of the catalyst for change

Our work with this client provided an efficient tool for capitalising, training and executing its programmes, based on a scalable development plan. The client’s growth was facilitated by defining a common language and management that follow the same rules. Following this successful result, we deployed this method for another client, a world leader in the manufacture of civilian helicopters.