Design – an investment for competitiveness?

20 February 2013

Brand identity is increasingly conveyed through product design, even more than their functionalities.

Design has been accepted and won acknowledgement in many sectors of industry: not just in the automobile sector, but also in telephones, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners etc. Audi, Apple, SMEG, Dyson are just a few of brands known and symbolised by their design.

These brands are profitable and have learned how to make their design a real competitive advantage and a vector for communicating their identity.


Nevertheless, are we not only at the beginning of “industrial” design? What about trains, aircraft, machine-tools and other products that are 100% functional but that take little notice of design as a vector for sales and attractiveness?


“Highlighting the design” of one’s products is an investment that can pay off very well!


But is it that easy?

When done properly, this approach is accessible and not costly. But it takes organisation to make sure that the product design projects a positive and accurate image of the company.


Is it enough to hire a designer or call in a design office?

This is a good start, but it is not enough, especially in an industrial environment.


Knowing how to bring together not just the Design and marketing teams, but also teams from design office, methods and, last but not least, production, is an art that cannot be learned overnight.

Industrialising requires follow-up and expert validation, if the design is to succeed despite cost, time and rationalisation considerations.

Last but not least, knowing how to tackle the subject at the right moment in a project is something that cannot be improvised.


Drawing on its many years of experiences, Op2 consultants can support you in “highlighting the design” at the core of your projects.


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