3 November 2012

Competitiveness, now there is a contemporary word.

Reducing and controlling costs, managing budgets, quantifying expenditures, reducing expenses… at the heart of competitiveness is … cost.

Reducing prices by controlling costs: at the heart of competitiveness is … price.


About non-price competitiveness: controlling innovation, managing R&D policies by creating value, improving functional and perceived quality of products, increasing productivity – these are just a few of the many subjects, where ideas, skills and creativity make the difference, well beyond any accounting analysis.


Want to invest in non-price competitiveness? In your future margins? Unveil the potential of your organisation?

Op² will support you in this challenge:

  • Projects & programmes driven by client value and not by process excellence only
  • An organisation that is oriented to value creation and not to reinforcing the separation of functions
  • Processes serving the product and not bureaucracy
  • Investments as opposed to penny-pinching economics
  • Manufacturing quality and perceived quality as opposed to paper quality
  • Profitable relationships & confidence as opposed to no-win conflicts between the players in the same subsidiary



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