Project Leadership

The success of a complex project…

    • Which “project” processes should be implemented to manage your projects?
    • Which “core business” processes should be improved to reach targets?
    • Which skills should your project managers have?
    • How do you distinguish between functions & core businesses?
    • A large project goes off course
    • New and increased complexity
    • Missed deadlines, a budget that is out of control
    • Risk management that is too lax
    • A demotivated and unfocussed team
    • Non-existent multi-core business synergy
    • Lack of skills and resources in project management
    • Quick and efficient diagnosis
    • Immediate operational assistance
    • Available resources for project management
    • A well-contained project with benchmarks
    • Identified organisation
    • Clear and defined goals
    • Operational scheduling
    • Budget management and efficient costs
    • Management that has confidence in a project
    • A success-oriented project team