Strategy & Organisation

For more efficient organisation

    • How can you align your corporate strategy and its operational application?
    • Which type of organisation should you choose to improve & manage the performance of your projects?
    • How can you progress from project crafting to project innovation?
    • Which skills will you need to manage your programmes & projects?
    • Projects that are never on time
    • Too-long development times
    • Recurring but non-standardised developments
    • Teams that are willing but do not perform well within a project context
    • Cost price goals that are not met
    • Non-structured decision-making flows
    • Implement a “Project” culture
    • Provide a structure for processes
    • Introduce a matrix organisation
    • Automate information exchanges
    • Standardise developments
    • Capitalise know-how and making optimum use of feedback
    • Reappraise development schedules
    • Develop a Design to Cost objective
    • Design products and procedures jointly
    • Increased success rates for projects
    • More regular and quantified results
    • Optimised resources
    • Accountability of players
    • Increased visibility for meeting goals
    • A “Project” dynamic within the company
    • Structured, efficient and shared project processes